Who Is Moving To Arizona?

Who Is Moving To Arizona?

Here’s where our out-of-state buyers in Arizona are coming from.
Recently, I read a great article on AZBigMedia.com about the recent census from 2020. It took all the data and explained it in a way that answered a lot of questions I had about our market. For example, have you ever wondered where our influx of buyers is coming from? Today I want to break down the demographic trends that explain our incredibly high demand. 
It’s no surprise, but the biggest number of people moving to Arizona are from California. In fact, immigrants from LA are the largest single group of people moving here, although plenty come from the Bay Area and Riverside as well.
What may surprise you is that the third-largest group of immigrants is coming from Asia. Five years ago, a client was grilling me about Chinese buyers, and I was very confused. After all, we just didn’t have any buyers from that part of the world in Arizona. Obviously, things have changed. There are as many buyers from Asia in our market as from Canada, Mexico, and Central America combined.

“Buyers from NYC have never really considered Arizona—until now.”

When you get further down the list, more of the entries seem familiar. The fourth-largest group comes from Chicago and Seattle. Tacoma and San Diego are not far behind. I already mentioned Canada, but our northern neighbors are often buying properties in our area. 
Another surprising data point was that the twelfth-highest group of immigrants came from New York City. People from NYC have been buying properties in warmer climates for a long time, but they’ve never really considered Arizona—until now.
I believe a big reason for some of these changes has been the pandemic. I always try to stay updated on information like this because it’s relevant to our marketing strategy. If I understand why buyers are moving here, I can help you sell your home to them at the highest price possible. 
If you have questions about today’s topic or anything else, please call or email me. I am always willing to help!

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